How to create radial speed lines in Krita (for use in Manga etc)

How to create radial speed lines in Krita painting applications (for use in Manga comics, illustrations etc). You can use the powerful assistant tool to draw lines from a particular origin point while using the freehand brush tool in Krita. All kinds of powerful radial speed lines can be created using pencils as well as ink and more by using the assistants in Krita. Here is a quick tutorial as well as a video tutorial on how to do this in Krita. You can vary the background, the origin point, distances, brushes used, the colors used, on layers and much more (as well as add effects etc)

Spiral plugin free tool for Illustrator (mac)

Spiral plugin freebie tool from graphicxtras Just added a (mac 10.12 only at the moment) spiral plugin tool (based on my earlier spiral plugin release for graphicxtras) as a free plugin release. It contains 5 plugins in total and can be used to create 1000s of unique spiral designs. The plugin has no presets etc so the results can be varied but with a little practise and use of the modifiers (shift, cmd, option key, space etc) all kinds of interesting and oddball and basic spirals can be generated using the set

Intending to add additional plugins to the tool later as well as it is also an experiment for me to add tools to CC 2017 (all my plugins were for Illustrator CS5 CS4 etc before that)

To install the plugin set, just add the aip to the user account (accessed via the library go to command in the finder) and add the plugin to the application support etc section for Illustrator.

The plugin appears in the toolbar with 5 plugins beneath the line segment tool…

Tutorials for Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Illustrator etc - added lots of new tutorials etc

Bristle brushes for Illustrator tutorial

Just added a new tutorial how to use the Illustrator bristle brushes and how to create new ones tutorial  about how to use the settings, how to use them with appearance panel and much more

Astute Graphics Plugins review / guide for all their Illustrator plugins (Phantasm etc)

A quick guide / review of all the current plugins from Astute Graphics for use in Illustrator CC 2017 2015 etc such as Phantasm, Vectorscribe, Inkscribe etc

Review / quick guide to all the plugins from Astute Graphics

Maximum filter for Photoshop

You can use the maximum filter in Photoshop to create a whole range of unusual effects with brush strokes as well as images and also type and layers etc. You can use the filter multiple times as well as combine the maximum filter with other filters

The maximum filter can be found via the other category

Maximum filter for Photoshop cc 2017 CS6 CS5 etc tutorial

See below some examples of the maximum filter applied

You can also find a video tutorial about the filter on the page

Graphicxtras site updates

Been going through my usual run through of updating tutorials as well as updating the product pages for, there have been a lot of changes to the site with many new pages as well as many minor tweaked ones

The site is for presets and products for Affinity Photo, Pages, Photoshop, Illustrator etc

and many more.

Anyway, been adding a few more links to the site as well as images and also a number of new freebie sets for use in Photoshop etc as well as updates of some of the existing sets such as re-working some of them totally like the hen brushes set

Will be adding some new sets shortly as well for Photoshop and Illustrator and Affinity Photo etc use